New IELTS speaking topics (January, 2015) in Greece

New IELTS speaking topics (January, 2015) in Greece, as our student, M.K. , who sat the exam  remembers them :
Speaking test

Part 1
Do you work/study?
What is the most important festival or celebration in your town or country?
What is your favourite Greek festival?
Would you like it if there were more Greek festivals and celebrations?
Do you take care of your health? How? What do you do?
Do you think that the government promotes health, for example, through education?
Part 2
Describe  a traditional festival in your country. Please say :
  • What do people do?
  • Who usually takes part in it?
  • Why do people do it?
  • Has it changed over the years? How?

Part 3

  • Do you think that some festivals or celebrations in your country  have lost their original meaning? Which ones? Why?
  • Are there any old traditions  in your country disappearing? Why ? Can something be done to prevent it?