New IELTS speaking topics (December, 2015)

New IELTS speaking topics (December, 2015) in Greece, as our students who sat the exam  remember them :
Speaking test



Do you work or study?

What do you study?

Why did you choose this field of studies?

What are your plans after you finish your studies?

Do you watch any tv? What kind of shows do you watch on tv?

Do you watch more tv now compared to when you were a child?

Do you think that children today watch a lot of tv?



Describe a short trip you did in the past. Please say :

Where it was

Who you went with

How long you stayed

Why you would like to repeat it



Why do you think people choose to do short trips?

People who visit your country do you usually come for short or longer trips?

What is the difference between a short and a long trip?



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