High Ielts score beats ability in quest for academic results

I thought today I might share an interesting read with you about high IELTS scores. The original article appeared at el.gazetteHigh Ielts score beats ability in quest for academic results

High Ielts score beats ability in quest for academic results

Pre-sessional courses don’t boost academic results for weaker test performers, study finds

By: Federica Tedeschi

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Why do international students do worse than their native-speaker counterparts academically?

Figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency have shown that they gain proportionately fewer first and upper second-class degrees than UK home students


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IELTS ACADEMIC LISTENING TIPS for the multiple choice section


  1. Underline these keywords and as the listening progresses look only at these words and not everything else. Focus your attention on them.
  2. Pay attention to:
  3. synonyms for words that are included in the various options or ideas expressed in a different way
  4. dates or numbers and any other information that could be very specific.
  5. Also, BE CAREFUL! A lot of times details are mentioned from ALL the options. You have to be alert to distinguish clearly which one is the correct one!
  6. Don’t spend too much time trying to think of an answer. Just move on to the next one.
  7. If you are unsure about an answer, you can guess. Or you can take advantage of the 10 minutes given to you to transfer your answers to think or rethink about a tricky question.
  8. Good luck!

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